GoPro Information


Sep 6, 2013
I just need some information. I am a retire4d se4mi-pro magician that is going to write a book. In it I will need some photos of my hands from the back to illustrate how to do some slight of hand moves. I was thinking of possibly using a gopro with a chest harness for this purpose and need to know if it can take single photos instead of videos and how that would be accomplished since both my hands would be occupied with the various moves


Timing is important.

Instead of trying to capture "the slight of hand moment" my thought is to just take a movie and then edit to get the image/frame(s) that is required.

You may need, for example, higher fps, more light, more powerful video editor, different camera mounts, etc..

Try the moves a few times then review the movies. Edit as necessary.

Experiment with what you have and learn accordingly. No harm in trying things out before making any investments.

Just my thoughts on the matter.