Gossip on Upcuming Cards!!


Jan 27, 2004
When I RMA my 9800 Pro from 3d-Club I was told that the stock of that model was ending and the production was ending to. Why? Because the new set was being prepared! That was the answer of the NL companie. They even told the store where I bought my card that they could change my dead 9800Pro for the new card yet to be released but it would take some time. Probably a couple of months or so.
So could this meen the new cards a soon to be out? It was great if that was the fact!

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Yes, but that doesn't mean you will see them soon.

CLud3D cards are made by Powercolor, which likely doesn't have as many production runs as the likes of Sapphire.

As it take 6 weeks to start producing more cards, likely Powercolor didn't anticipate the demand well enough. And within that long a lead time, it's not worth it at this point since even if this run were to start 1 week before the R42X series, that would mean it would only arrive right before the R420 hit shelves, and probably after the specs/performance of the mainstream makers reference cards were already tested.

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