Got a compaq sr5000


Jun 15, 2007
Ok i bought this pc for 20 lol yah, it booted up and everythin the hard drive was trashed cause the owner got so pissed he stomped on the side of the pc and bent the whole chassie, no biggies though cause I have extra and I have a old case layin around, but now my question is which powersupply should i go with that I currently have I know compaq's and hp's in general are cheap powersupplys this other one I got is lower on the 5v rail but higher on the 3v and 12v is higher, is it safe to run the one thats in the case?

heres the specs of both

compaq one
+5v - 25A
+3.3v - 18A
+5VSB - 2A
+12v - 14A
-12v - .08A

+5V and +3.3v shall not exceed 165w
+5V and +12V shall not exceed 218w

Output max 250w

thats the powersupply that came with the compaq
heres the other one

Ever MPT-350
+5v - 30A
+12v - 15A
-5v - 0.5A
-12v - 0.8A
+3.3v - 14A
+5VSB - 3A

+5V and +3.3v shall not exceed 180w
Output max 350w

I guess this one^^^^ would work? im just tryin to make sure
the psu compaq used will be able to handle a fan or two .. the other one will also work if u prefer, not much difference in them tbh, up to you, both will be fine


Jun 15, 2007
im aware of that, but the new case has a bit more fans then what the compaq had if its safer to just use the compaq one then I will lol, I just want to know will the ever one work to or is it to week on the 3.3V rail to handle it