Question Got a new gpu and have some questions?


Jan 7, 2011
I picked up a msi 6900xt . I have a couple of questions.
1- Should I use Resizable BAR ? From what I have gathered my MB, gpu support it. Dose it make any real improvements?
2-When I read some of the reviews for my msi 6900xt, someone said that msi afterburber and the gpu sometimes dont work well. I do have msi AB installed but only use it for fan curve. If not what should I use?
3-I installed the AMD adrenaline software. Is this considered the driver? I ask as it been some years since I owned a AMD GPU.

My system
i9-9900l@5.0 water cooled.
gigabyte z390 aorus elite MB.
32 gb ram
msi gaming trio 6900xt
window 11

Any other info will be much appreciated.
  1. There's no harm in enabling it and you may get some improvement, but it's not a catch-all performance enhancer.
  2. If they only mentioned off hand they had problems and they didn't explain anything about it, I'd say file it away. If there's nothing out of the ordinary with how you're using it, then there's no need to look for something else.
  3. Yes. Well, I guess more technically it's the video card control utility, but it comes with the driver so it may as well be the driver.