Question Got a New GTX 1060 and want to replace my GTX 750 Ti, but no display.

Mar 5, 2019
As the title suggests, I have a brand new GTX 1060 GPU and I'm trying to install it to replace the old 750 Ti one. Both cards work and are tested in 3 different PC's, but for some reason on my working and compatible system, it's not wanting to register the connection to the DVI connector. I've also tried it through HDMI but my monitor refuses to even use HDMI. The entire system works as that's what I'm typing this on, but with the 750 card. I tried to install the 1060 yesterday and I wasn't getting any display signal even though I have the drivers installed. There are also no beeps when booting up, and the card's LED and fans work perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong with any of the parts I'm working with, so replacing them is not a valid suggestion.

Things I can't do (so please don't suggest them, as I've tried or physically cannot do these):
  1. Resetting CMOS, there isn't a way to do it on my mobo as it's under a welded container cap that covers it completely with no way to remove it.
  2. Pulling ram with new card installed, this did absolutely nothing
  3. Checking Bios, The display is just black so I can't boot to bios to mess with any settings to change to new card.
  4. Use Onboard graphics, Well my mobo doesn't have any onboard graphics (yeah yeah, "That's not possible", sadly apparently it is, there's no HDMI or VGA/DVI slot on the mobo itself)
  5. Check Compatibility, the entire system was built around the 1060 card, but I had to get it later so everything is compatible and should work fine.
  6. Replacing parts, there's no need to replace anything as everything works perfect and is tested in multiple systems
  7. Check for error codes, have used a POST card and it gives no error, so not really sure why the card isn't displaying.
  8. Remove 750 Ti drivers and install 1060, This is a problem one as if I remove the old drivers, I will have no display even with the old card. No onboard graphics means this isn't possible for me to do.
Aside from all of that, I really don't know how to resolve this problem. It is something that seems to happen with every card I get....even if they work on other systems just fine. Also the 8 pin is plugged in, so that's not something to consider either. PSU is more than enough for the required power for the entire system. Any idea what else I could do to get my display working when plugged into the 1060 card?