Question Got a new monitor and occasional weird flickering


Dec 18, 2017
So I had been using a 19" old 60hz monitor and today I've bought a new 144hz. I've been connecting the old monitor's vga to dvi-I converter. The new one has came with a HDMI cable, not sure about the cable's type but it fits and supports up to 120hz as the reviews recommended I'll buy a displayport cable. The problem is when my main monitor is connected via hdmi, in 60 everything works fine, in 100 and 120hz it starts to flicker and especially when I plug the second old monitor both screens go crazy and i have to restart the new monitor. I also tried both cable and monitor on another pc and works perfectly fine and old monitor and its own cables/converter are working properly.

New monitor: Asus VP249QGR
m5 a97 r2.0 motherboard
r9 280x directCUII Top graphics card

so idk what to do maybe I should replace the graphics card? thanks for your help & attention

update; I found out that when I'm using single 144hz monitor, it stops flickering whilst graphics card is under pressure such as opening 1080p videos or playing games, it's core clock stays at 300mhz at idling, should i lock it high?
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