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Question Got a weird Situation

Apr 17, 2021
Hi all, I got a quite weird cooling situation that made me very baffled.
Hope someone can provide me a solution or explanation.

My computer spec. are:

Asus FX504 laptop
Win 10,
16GB Ram

I don't know when the problem started but only found out recently. AFTER a complete cooling system maintenance, everything except the heat sink are brand new.

If I turn on my computer now, then run some old games (like GTA 4, Mafia 2) ,Most of the situation, the CPUs temperature rises to 90degree Celsius, even you don't move the character for 10 minutes(for testing if the fans need time to activated),anyway it doesn't cool down.

But if I close the games, run some stress test (3D Mark time spy) it shows me everything is normal. When all my CPUs at full load the temperature is just around 73degreeCelsium, I run other stress test for double check too(Prime95). its the same. around 73~75degree.

And just after the 3D mark test, I run GTA4 again, now it seems normal, the running temperature is between 63~73degree.

it became a logic to me , if I didn't run the 3D mark first, high temperature appears.
if I run the test first. temperature is in normal.

I can't understand why and can't figure out how to solve it. I did try something like using different tools for getting data . For temperature: Core temp. Logitech Arx control. For Stress test: 3D mark and Prime95.

The only thing I am sure. When I apply the new thermal paste ( Mx-4 or Kyronaut(now) ) in first two days. Running any games is just fine.

I wonder if something wrong with the thermal paste applied. how can it be normal just after 3D mark test.
if something wrong with other factors. but it didn't happen just after replacing new thermal paste .

or is it related to OS. or some old games code?

really hope some buddy can give me advices or recommendations.


Sep 14, 2014
GTA IV is very CPU intensive, but the weird thing is that the temps are normal after you run synthetic benchmarks. I'd try going into your BIOS and seeing if your fan profile is weird. Are the fans running at the same speed before, during, and after running the benchmarks? If not, there may be something either in the BIOS or in your OS that's not ramping up the fans unless the CPU hits 100%. GTA IV could be pushing your CPU to the outer limits but not maxing it out, so the fans don't kick in as much.
Apr 17, 2021
thanks for reply.

I do have a feeling after running 3D mark that activated something.
but don't know what is that. and I can't prove too.

Because the fans speed of my laptop are manufacturer preset to 3 level.
silent ,normal ,and turbo and can't change fan settings in bios. just allow to press fn +F5 to change speed. and I have try to use speedfan software to get data.
but it can't detect my fans too ;(