Question got an RX 580 2048sp instead of an RX 580

Mar 21, 2023
So, I recently bought a new pc from a place that is 2 hours far by car from home (I live in an isolated area so returning the card isn't so easy) and the pc had an RX580 in it advertised

I was checking and turns out it's the 2048sp 8gb version instead of a legit 580, i've been so bugged since i've discovered that even though the difference isn't huge

is there really a big difference between the 2048sp 8gb and the actual 8gb version? :/


Nov 22, 2016
The guy you bought the system from, likely got the card from AliExpress. AliExpress has a lot of weird graphics cards, that you'll never see on store shelves anywhere else, like mobile graphics chips, mounted on desktop GPU boards, and cards that are only sold in the China region. You see quite a bit of that on AliExpress.
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Yes, there is an RX 580 2048SP and it does have 8GB of VRAM but IIRC, that card was only sold to the Chinese market. I actually grabbed one from Alibaba for my mom to use in the HTPC I built her because it has HDMI v2.0b port which supports 2160p60Hz, while the HDMI v1.4a port in the R9 Fury she was using could only do 2160p30Hz. The fact that the RX 580 SP2048's TDP is 150W while the R9 Fury's TDP is 275W while having 8GB of VRAM instead of 4 made the decision that much easier.

I remember seeing the listing and wondering to myself "WTF is an RX 580 2148SP?" because I'd never heard of it before. Well, whenever I want info on a specific video card, I go to TechPowerUp's GPU Database and there it was!
AMD Radeon RX 580 2048SP Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

The RX 580 2048SP is a real misnomer because the standard RX 580 12% faster in gaming. In fact, even the RX 480 is 5% faster than the RX 580 2048SP in gaming. Now, I didn't care because I got it for $70CAD and it's for an HTPC which means that its gaming performance is completely irrelevant but the lower price made it very attractive.

If I were you however, I'd be pretty pissed because omitting the 2048SP part of the card name would be like saying RTX 3060 and not saying "8GB". It's VERY misleading.