Question got msi ge75 8sf. should i do one of the following. ?

Apr 21, 2019
i got the msi ge75 because im never in one place. but i like to game. i got the 8sf with 2070 and single channel 16gb intel 8750h. i have some fps problems in game. i get 200+ in practice mode on overwatch. 100+ hearoes of the storm.. still not happy with the fps considering the hardware i got.. i mean i got similar if not better from a desktop nvidia 960 and intel 2700... but in cs go.. i get poor fps. and i also want to play borderlands 3. i have this one with 2070 and intel 8750:

i can upgrade to this. with better graphics card.. the 2080:

.. or this one with 32 dual channel ram and 9750 instead of the 8750....:

or should i just keep my laptop ?

really confused

and only have a few days to decide .. ?

is the graphics card or the processor more important.. ? i heard single channel ram is also a nono.

want to be able to play what i need wherever i go.. i also thought about the gt type... but really expensive... and i gravitate towards the ge much more.. is there a big difference in gaming between the gt and ge ?

here are all the gt types on the store i buy from..

vague questions....
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