Question Got WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR while watching movies on netflix

Sep 2, 2020
This PC is brand new, components where bought 2 months ago and it was assembled by a third party (not me). First day got a BSOD while activating windows, the very next day got another and another, they have always been one of 3 "Critical process died", "whea uncorrectable error", "kernel data inpage error". I came back to the people who built it and they only changed my chassis as a temperature issue, more BSOD, then they changed both my m.2 ssd and my ssd; they are now 2 m.2 (build info below).

No issues since then (a month has passed), I changed my PSU 2 weeks ago (as the first one was a very unknown brand And I was hella scared so changed to a ROG THOR (seasonic). Nothing wrong since that change, I even played ultra on 4k in farcry 5 and so. Yesterday I was on netflix watching movies and boom, screen freezes, sound freezes and a "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" took my screen.
Unfortunately just now I activated the complete memory dump option, so right now I dont have any minidump or complete dumps.

Note: I have been having issues with my CPU, on prime95, cinebench r20 and so it gets so damn hot, it gets to 100 degrees and then the CPU red light shows up in my MB (temp throttling i guess). I thought that prime95 and cinebench must be just extreme cases, so I just ran a render on Davinci resolve and boom HWmonitor showed temps going crazy to 85-98 degrees celsius.

I dont know if temperature might be the issue has I have never seen that redlight before at any circunstance (maybe I was distracted with the RGB so I couldnt see it, and while running benchmarks I had rbg desactivated so I could see it), I also dont remember seeing it while the BSOD on netflix.
Ran memtest86 a while ago, no issues. Prime95 (when temp is not 100 degrees) shows no issues. GPU benchmarks show no issues.

I9 9900K (Not OC)
Rog strix z390e gaming
Crucial ballistix 2x8, 3000 (xmp oc (not manually) as by default there were on 2666) New 3600 2X8 RAM is coming in a few days.
CPU cooling: coolermaster ma610p (I think this is... well a bad cooler for my build but I dont have Any money right now)
PSU: had a gamemax vp 800, now I have a rog thor 850w.
GPU: evga rtx 2080 super black gaming
SSD: two XPG SX6000 LITE PCIE GEN3X4 M.2 2280 (havent been able to find official drivers, there is only the windows update ones (which are like from 2006).

Im getting kinda worried has I have read WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR usually means Hardware failure, but technicians (who built my pc) have done stress test (aida64) with no issues. What should I do (besides getting another cooler)? just.. wait till this thing gets me another bsod?
EDIT: drivers are all updated. NVIDIA ones, intel ones, windows update, everything (no third party utilities or helpers, just official downloads), my events vysor shows 2 things right before the time of the bsod:
1: Same second as the bsod happened it says something like this:
"dump file could not be created due to an error during dump creation"
2. 1 second before the BSOD: "Disk 0 has the same identifiers as one or more disks attached to the system. Visit the Microsoft Support Service website and search for KB2983588 to resolve the issue"

And I also think voltages are set on "auto" in BIOS settings
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