Jan 5, 2008
Hey all
Doing my first build, and startin' to receive the parts in. Got the MB and Graphic card yesterday. MB= MSI K9N4 SLI NVIDIA nForce 500 and the video card is a XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX Got to looking at the MB and saw a PCIE_PWR plug next to the ATX power plug. The PCIE plug is a 4 pin molex. The power supply I ordered said it was PCIE ready but looking at the plugs listed on the web site shows its a smaller 6-pin design. Doing some quick research on the web appearantly this 6-pin plug is supposed to plug into the card itself, is this true??? My card doesn't have a plug on it
The MSI manual say this plug is suppose to provide stabe 12v power to the PCIE but the pin-out shows 5 volts also. Do I plug one of the numerous(I have 8) molex from the PS to this or what? Is it needed to power the PCIE? or will the video card run without it?

Any info would be helpful, Thanks


Correct. If you have an old hdd plug on your motherboard, you should plug a "normal" power plug into it if you are running SLI/CF. The PCIe plug does have 6 pins, and does go into the card. The 8600GT however is a low end card, and doesn't need it. Unless you are running two in SLI, I wouldn't worry about either of these.