Question Government laptop's display won't turn on - Looking for a way to fix it or a workaround

Jul 28, 2019
Hey there. I've just received a Coradir government PC (6th generation). I left it charging for a few hours, and then I tried to turn it on; The power button's light turned on, and so did the other indicators, but the screen remained black. It doesn't seem like it's damaged. After some attemps, I connected it to the monitor of my desktop pc through an HDMI cable, and I could see a windows login screen. Keyboard works, touchpad works, but the screen doesn't turn on. I found a video on how to open it and view the hardware components, but I'm not finding the flex cable that connects the display. There are a few instructions on how to fix a screen that won't work, but all of them have to do with cases where the OS is not working (not my case).

So, my questions are; Which may be the causes of this issue? What should I try in order to fix it? And if the screen is definitely broken; Is there any way to replace it?