Question GP62MVR 6RF Keyboard Problem

Krist Kraja

Dec 22, 2014
I've bought this MSI Leopard Pro model more than 2 years ago and immediately in the first months it started to have problems (at the beginining charging ones , it wouldn't charge battery). So i sent i back to the support and they solved it but they completely broke some keys on the keyboard , the R and the D specificately. I've sent back this laptop a lot of times and every time they send me it back saying that everything is ok but it only works for a few days then stops working again. This is becoming very frustrating because i've spent a lot of money on this so a few days ago i decided to open it personaly , got to the keyboard - mobo connector , disconnected it and connected it back. When i turned on the pc everything worked but the D key was still a little bit "delay" input i didn't care much. After a few days it stopped again both R and D keys and this is driving me crazy because i have no idea if it's the keyboard problem or the motherboard problem.
I found keyboards for around 60 bucks (with the wrong layout but who cares) but if this is a motherboard problem where i can find one? I've been looking around in sites of pc parts but seems like impossible to find. Any help would be appreciated.