Question Gparted and rufus help for broken win10 installation.

Jan 14, 2020
Okay I've had a lot of trouble installing windows 10 on my new Samsung 860 PRO , originally I was stuck on not being able to identify or make a partition. I fixed this and am now stuck on the looping set up.
  1. I've tried Legacy+UEFI and UEFI alone although nothing was picked up with UEFI alone.
  2. I've tried unplugging usb at the 10 second restart
  3. I've unplugged all external and internal devices apart from USB installer and the SSD itself
  4. I've tried different plugs and wires
  5. I've reset BIOS
  6. Re-installed the USB (Using 16GB kingston...)
The problem may have arrosed when I plugged the SSD in with my HDD and formatted via windows 10 then tried to install, although when manually cleaning and installing a partition in cmd in the install screen I am guessing all changes and problems would've been reverted.

On reddit someone advised using Gparted and rufus and try reinstalling it, could someone tell me what they want me to do with gparted and if there are any other tips or trouble shooting methods please advise.