GPO and Windows Update Service



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Our organization's desktops are currently set to obtain security updates
from a specified server (http://wus). This was originally set up on each
machine using gpedit.msc.

I've implemented a new update server (http://newwus). I've tried setting
the GPO on a test OU to point to the new server. I've moved some desktops
into this OU. Trouble is, it's not working.

If I run a gpresult on one of the test machines, it says it's picking up the
GPO from the appropriate OU. If I run gpedit.msc I see my original settings
still there.

I thought the OU GPO was supposed to override the local policy.

The configuration is W2K server and W2K desktop. There are no overrides

Any suggestions how I can get all these workstations to download from the
new server?




Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?)

1) Try to force GPO Update. Use the command:
secedit /refreshpolicy /enforce

2) See the registry.

WUServer and WUStatusServer values should be new. If no the problem with GPO.

NOTE! http://name_of_SUS_server is only correct value! If there is something without "http://" or just IP address - It will not work!

3) Go to GPO editor. Check if you set Computer Configuration (NOT User Configuration!).

4) Email me if the problem is still exist. igorf ====at==== digdes ====.==== com

Best Regards!