Question GPU 100% Usage, underperforming and low FPS ?

Mar 12, 2023
Weird problem with MSI GF63 THIN R9CX laptop.
Nvidia 1050TI - 16GB RAM

It underperforms on all kinds of games and its consistent having same low fps whether it's light or heavy, I've tried GTAV , WARZONE, Need for speed heat, HITMAN And Valorant
it wasnt like that a while ago but suddenly ive faced having 14 frames on all these games on high quality and 34 on low quality, ive tried installing a new windows and went back to 10 then 11 again, removed Nvidia driver by ddu and installed again and updated drivers by driver booster 10 and changed the adapter but still nothing worked, i dont know the problem to know which is the right solution.

more details :
-gpu temp is 65'C usuage of gpu (90-100%) and cpu (80-90%) during games
-80G free out of 254G SSD NVME for windows and ive 2T HDD for my games
-tried scanning the system by malwarebyte, eset smartscan (ive done the detailed scan which lasted 6 hours for full scan) and windows defender
-i play plugged in and tried by battery also same fps as plugged in

sometimes it shows in valorant for example that DirectX is missing, sometimes system tells me that there's problems in bios but when i check i find nothing.
I changed the cooler lube and it doesn't heat much but still i dont know the problem is.
When i put GTAV on high graphic it goes to 14 fps, same goes for other games as well, except in valorant when i turn off anti-aliasing it goes to 50 fps but valorant is a relatively light game compared to warzone.