GPU and CPU temps rising Acer Aspire 7 A715-75G


Aug 10, 2015
so i just bought a budget laptop about 6 months has i5 10300h, gtx16504gb, 8gb I used to play games like genshin , Minecraft, valorant on it. The temps I used to get on it were like GPU 68-75 degree celsius and CPU never exceeded 80 degree celsius....But recently about a month or two ago I started noticing that my laptop would get higher temps than usual...for some reason my GPU was reaching 80-85 degrees and CPU 90 degrees...this would've been acceptable if I played a very graphically demanding game but on a game like genshin It doesn't makes sense...(at least i don't think so)
i tried to lower the settings in fact I tried to play at the lowest settings..but my GPU temps would still sometimes rise to 80-85 degree celsius which gets me worried because higher temps can shorten the life of hardware..
when i play valorant the temps are mostly consistent but it still sometimes reaches 77 degrees.. same with Minecraft
i tried playing gta 4 ... a game that's like 10+ years old and it consistently gives like 80 degrees GPU temps and it keeps rising....i usually stop playing once a game reaches 80+degrees
also noticed in apex legends it reaches 80 degrees..
the thing is if I played games like red dead...warzone 80 degrees would be the norm.. but playing games like genshin on the lowest graphical settings and gta 4..? it doesn't makes sense for my laptop GPU to get 80 +degrees

is this evident of my laptop needing repasting and dust cleaning..? it possible for thermal paste to wear out in 6 months? or could this be something else...?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

In 6 months, it's probable that the venting in your laptop might've clogged up with dirt/debris. You might want to inspect the internals of the laptop and while you're here, see if you can reapply the thermal paste with something of higher quality than what came from the factory.

I'd also look at the OS version(if you're on Windows 10) and see if you have any updates pending. You could also see if your laptop is pending any BIOS updates. Finally, you can download the latest drivers from Nvidia's support site, then use DDU in Safe Mode and manually reinstall your GPU drivers in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator. See if that helps you out.