Gpu and integrated graphics doesn't display

Nov 28, 2018
So a few weeks ago the fan on my old video card stopped and the monitor went black thought It's broken so ordered a new gtx 1060 6 gigabyte.Yesterday i tried it out but nos display at all on monitor not even "no signal" so I plugged out he videocard and tried out the integrated graphics but the problem persisted. The monitor works tried out with my laptop.The fans on the Cpu cooler and new video card works. Any idea?
motherboard:msi b75ma-p45
CPU:intel I5 3470
power supply: HKC USP5550
Ram: Kingston Hyperx blu 2x 4gigabyte ddr3


My guess is the PSU has died, and maybe taken other hardware with it. But it is a total guess and there's no way I can know from here.

It is an old PSU and not a great one from what I can find with google though, looks like it could be up to 11 years old if the one review I found was accurate.

Edit, obviously it's working at least a bit with the fans spinning, but that's not enough to say it's ok. Could also be the motherboard or CPU though, just no way to know.