Question GPU Boot issues

Aug 2, 2021
I’ve been having issues with my GPU for quite a while now, and this is basically my last resort.
A while back I bought the Gigabyte 2060 6G OC windforce (triple fans), after my 1060 had given up. This however, had booting issues since the beginning. It can boot, and sometimes it gives output which works great, but due to the boot issue, drivers become a long task updating. It seems to be shorting, but already tried every different config, multiple PSU’s, motherboards, cpu’s, the whole bunch. I have sent it back to the store it came from, and said it was indeed shorting, so they’d send it back to the manufacturer. This however took far longer than expected (covid, duh) but they sent it back after being too late saying nothing was wrong. Today it’s one of those days where I had to restart for an update. It’s taking hours and doesn’t give me any video output. LED’s turn on, fans spin, just no output.
Antec EDGE 750w
HyperX 16GB DDR4
MSI Z270 gaming
Hi, do you have the latest system BIOS installed for your current Motherboard ? Are you booting in UEFI or Legacy/CSM mode ? Try to reset and clear all the BIOS/CMOS settings to default, and then re-test the GPU on this system, after doing a proper restart.