Question Gpu boots display in a resolution that does not show on my 4k TV. Cannot change resolution.


Jan 13, 2014
Hello everyone,

I have a 3090 that when connected to my 4k TV, it displays a completely distorted image that cannot be maneuvered.

I have an idea what the issue is, but i am not sure how to fix it.

The problem appears to be that the nvidia control panel doesnt have the resolution under the "PC" resolutions and has it under the "Ultra HD, HD, SD" Resolutions.

i figured this out by connecting another monitor to the gpu while it was connected to the TV, going into control panel, and adjusting the resolution under the "PC" resolutions. This fixed the issue ONLY while both monitors are connected.

when i disconnect the second monior, it defaults the resolution back to the original resolution it was at.

Its as if the gpu or the OS is having two separate profiles that are designated to what monitor setup is connected. For instance, it has its settings set for 1 monitor attached which is completely separate than the settings for the 2 monitors attached. so if i reconnect the 2nd monitor, it automatically changes the TV back to the working settings, but if i disconnect the monitor, the TV goes back to the settings causing the issue.

Does anyone know how i can have the computer boot up wth the "PC" resolutions instead of the "Ultra HD, HD, SD" resolutions in the nvidia control panel? If i can do this, i believe the issue would be fixed.

Thank you in advance.

Troubleshootings to note:
- I tried multiple cords
-updated drivers
-different ports on both TV and GPU
-Swapped GPU from one computer to another to test if its the motherboard/cpu/ram configuration somehow


Not sure what happened, but i left the computer on for a while until it went to sleep.

I woke it from sleep and the screen was working. i immediately changed the resolution to the PC resolution and now its working fine.

So the issue is solved for now.
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