Question GPU cable for EVGA GQ 650W

Jul 21, 2022

I bought this PSU around 5 years ago and lost the cables it came with.

I'm going to get a 3080 which requires 3 pcie 6+2 connectors but I only have 1 2x6+2 cable available.

Tried looking at cable sales but they are all offbrand and go in the CPU port in the PSU, not the VGA one.

I'm really not sure what to do, the only thing I have thought of is just buying a new PSU since I can't find a replacement anywhere, and my country is pretty closed to imports.

Thanks for reading.
EVGA does have PCIE cables for the GQ PSU's on their site, But I would strongly recommend getting a better PSU for the 3080, 750 watt or better. And if you do get a modular PSU even if its EVGA, your existing wires will most likely not be compatible with the new PSU, so use the wires that come with the new PSU only.