Question GPU, Cable or Monitor?


Dec 26, 2019
I'm having a hard time figuring out if my artifacting is caused by my GPU (RTX 3060 Ti, just installed today and completely brand new.) Or it's a fault HDMI cable that I received, I've already tested with another form of connection but it's HDMI to VGA since my Monitor has VGA. If I were to use my HDMI cable, the screen would be perfectly clear at first but it would start having this thin, horizontal lines (each instance of these lines would only appear for 0.5 seconds before disappearing, and it's usually different colors and after a few minutes the display would just start to blink to blank then picture over and over again.) that gets slightly worse over time. But if I use the HDMI to VGA adapter to get my Monitor connected with a VGA, the artifact seems to be only to be two, thick horizontal lines that are translucent, very slightly grainy but you can still perfectly make out the picture and they move downwards then at the end of the screen they reappear and start over again at the top of the screen and do it all over again. It's tolerable but annoying. Or my GPU? I've already tested the GPU out with Furmark and that doesn't even get the artifacts to appear. Even when my PC is just idling or when I just browse or watch videos with the HDMI it those thin, horizontal artifacts would just pop out and go quickly. I don't really have another monitor with and HDMI port to test to see if it's an issue with the cable or monitor so I'm a bit stuck. I've already made sure to use DDU on safemode to get rid of my old RX 570 drivers and install Nvidia's drivers right after. I've already tried doing a slight undervolt without much success. It is fair to mention that I have an LG Flatron IPS236 which is a decade old monitor so I wouldn't fault it for that for having a bad HDMI port or due to the nature of HDMI to VGA adapters they'd have that weird artifact of the horizontal lines that's constantly moving down like an elevator.

Not sure if this is relevant but I did try capturing a video when the artifacts would happen but when I open the videos up, I don't see those artifacts on my video.

Already tried updating my monitor's drivers on the website.

Ryzen 3 2200g
RTX 3060 Ti Galax
16gb 3200 Mhz RAM
MSI A320m
Windows 10
If it doesn't show up on the video capture, which is pulling directly from the GPU's frame buffer, then it's not the GPU.

If you've replaced the cables you want to use several times and you still have a problem, then it's likely the monitor. However, it'd be good to have another display to test with.