Question gpu cant install drivers rx 560 windows error code 45 now


Jul 21, 2017
hi so ive got 2 RX 560, one is a sapphire 4gb and the other one is a gigabyte 4gb single fan one, so the sapphire one works perfectly fine but the gigabyte one has some problems like i cant install drivers on it and it only shows up in device manager as invisible and when i try and to install drivers on it gives me error 182 and says it doesnt find any amd hardware, the gigabyte gpu also doesnt give any video out.
if i try uninstalling the gpu via device manager it wont show up again until i use DDU.

also when i try to update the gpu drivers automaticly by letting windows update them windows says it already has installed the best drivers for the gpu.

the gigabyte gpu boots up all fine but i just cant install drivers on it

the system has a ryzen 3 3100, 16gb ram, asrock b450 fatality m-itx

if you need any more info about the system or card just let me know and ill be happy to provide it
i looked around and in device manager i am getting the error 45 on the gpu which says its not connected which is probably the cause for not being able to install drivers on it nor getting display out

i would appreciate if you guys just post possible solutions and ill be ready to test em all, ive already tried with using the windows troubleshooter and uninstalling and then installing again etc
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