Question gpu causing lowered internet speeds?

Sep 27, 2021
Recently got given a 1070ti to replace my 1060, for some reason it's making my internet speeds lower, and i'm not sure why. Any help would be great

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Currently using a WiFi extender to get a signal from the downstairs router to my room, and then an Ethernet cable to my PC from said extender. The extender itself is a BT 11ac Dual-Band WiFi Extender 1200, if that helps.

Also, GeForce Experience says I have the latest GameReady driver, which I'm slightly skeptical about since it was downloaded when I had my 1060.
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What were speeds before/after? I can't think of any scenario where the GPU would impact network speeds in the layout you described.

Can you test speeds at the router? Before & after? That's going to be your true test - there's just too many variables given different day/time and adding the repeater/extender.

As for the GPU driver, if you were on the latest driver with the 1060 and switched to the 1070TI same day, there is no 'new' driver for the card.... it's the same driver. However, a DDU uninstall and a reinstall with the 1070TI may result in some performance differences vs as you have it now.