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Question Gpu causing windows to crash?


Jul 9, 2016
I have an issue where my pc crashes every 10-15 minutes or so where it becomes conpletely unresponsive and i need to switch the powet off and reboot. This happens even after i reinstalled windows 10.

I'm wondering if it's my gpu since its fans aren't spinning properly (max 200rpm under load) for some non-physical reason and the temperatures rise up to 96°c. I also tried reinstalling drivers and reseating the graphics card but that made no difference.

The crashing only started a few days ago but my graphics card has had the problem for months now. Could the problem be somewhere else and why aren't my gpu fans spinning like they should?

Evga gtx 1060 3gb
i5-9600k stock clocks
16gb ddr4
asrock z390 pro4
Samsung ssd


hi there,
when you re-installed the drivers did you remove the old ones first completely? weirdness can occur if files weren't updated as they should have been. Use DDU, Display Driver Uninstaller and remove the drivers, once that is done reboot into safe mode and run DDU again just to be sure there are no files left.
reboot and install the updated driver and see if this can fix your issue.

you could also try a new environment, linux for instance. boot into linux and see if the GPU is acting weird there. linux uses the hardware differently (drivers and different OS systems) and if the hardware is gone it will carry over here too.

Boot to a USB drive with linux on it. grab a USB drive, a copy of rufus and a linux distribution.
http://distrowatch.com/ has tons of differing linux distributions and download links. I personally am fond of linux mint with cinnamon.
https://rufus.ie/ the utility used to extract the ISO file to the USB drive.

use rufus to extract the selected ISO to the thumb drive. it will make the drive bootable and you can run linux from the drive once done.
Reboot into linux and proceed to test the hardware. connect to internet, watch videos, await problems.
if linux is good and stable the issue is most likely inside windows or otherwise software related.
this is a test of the hardware.