Question GPU clicking starting to concern me

Nov 8, 2021
I’ve had this custom built computer for the last maybe year or 2, yesterday I noticed this clicking noise and soon after the computer completely shut down, at the time I wasn’t using the computer, it was just on. I hadn’t opened it or moved any parts or anything recently. Considering it was late, I turned it off and left it for the night, came back to it today and the clicking remained, just opening the case up, it sounds like it’s the gpu so I took the gpu out and booted the computer (I’ve integrated graphics, booted with that). Sure enough, no clicking. Plugged the gpu back in and cleaned the computer down, clicking is still happening. I’ve looked it up and most people say check the fans, I can’t see anything hitting the fans and when I spin them with the computer turned off, they don’t hit anything. That also wouldn’t explain the computer turning off. It’s happened again today so I’m presuming the 2 are related. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Graphics card is a Zotac GTX 1050 ti
Video of the sound:


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

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Spinning the fans by hand is unlikely to show if the fan blades are hitting something or not. Or if so, the problem is likely very apparent.

At higher RPMs the forces involved are much more complicated and greater. The entire fan housing may move for example, a cable may be being drawn into contact via air flows.

Try all of the fans at power but only one at a time to determine if the ticking can be identified with one particular fan.

Key is to pinpoint the location of the sound.

Use a cardboard tube or rolled up sheet of paper to carefully listen about inside the case to find the source.