Question GPU clock causing most games to crash?


Dec 28, 2012
I'm posting this here because I believe the issue I'm having pertains to my GPU but I have yet to track it down to the source so it may not actually be my GPU, I apologize for posting in the wrong section if so. Specs will be at the bottom of the post.

To preface, December of last year I was was quarantined for 3 weeks and got so bored I decided to build a full custom water loop for my PC. My GPU (EVGA RTX 2080ti XC Ultra) was originally cooled by fans and I installed an aftermarket water block (Bitspower BP-VG2080RD-A2). This may or may not hold any relevance to my situation but I thought it was worth mentioning because I'm paranoid that I may have installed the water block incorrectly and that my issue is a result of that.

So the issue is pretty much what the title says I think. I began crashing in pretty much any game that puts any sort of significant graphical stress on my computer, so excluding games like Terraria and an old MMO I play. I've been consistently crashing in games like Cyberpunk, Battlefield 4, FF14, Valheim, COD and New World. Cyberpunk produces the crashes the quickest of all of them, if I start a new game almost as soon as I take control of my character the game freezes for a few seconds and crashes to desktop. All of my crashes are very consistent in timing, I can get about 20-30 minutes in New World, 10 minutes or so in Valheim. FF14 about 30 mins. I tried all of the go-to solutions of course, I reseated the GPU, clean installed my drivers, even wiped my drive and created a fresh install of windows. Same exact issue persists through all of it.

So I finally tried underclocking my GPU, went -75 on core and, voila, no more crashes!... For a week... Now I'm back to square one, I'm crashing even with my core set to -75 MHz so I attempted playing at -100. Same thing, still crashing consistently.

My temps are phenomenal across the board, MY GPU NEVER sees anything above 50C when gaming and the same goes for my CPU, never seen it above 65, It's delidded and OC'd stable at 5GHz. I never had issues crashing until maybe 5 months ago or so and now that I'm finding myself with more free time I started to realized that most of the games I play crash. If anyone has anything else I could look into or any advice I greatly appreciate the help. From what I've read the only other thing that may be causing my issue as far as I can tell is possibly a bad PSU. But I'm not familiar with diagnosing PSU issues.

CPU: 8700K
GPU: EVGA RTX 2080ti XC Ultra
RAM: 2x 16GB Corsair 3600MHz
PSU: EVGA 850W (3-4 years old)
MOBO: Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming

Also have an EK Pump (can't remember specific model), 7 fans and lots of LEDs

Sorry if I left anything out. I'll update the post as I figure things out.

Update 1: Set clock down -125 and it seems to have stopped crashing again, for now.
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