Question GPU clock is stuck at 1170 MHz and GPU Memory clock is stuck at 810 MHz,

Aug 29, 2020
My GPU clock is stuck at that value, wether it's at 100% or 0% useage.

GPU is RTX 2060 KO Gaming.
I first noticed this when I tried to fire up Borderlands 3 earlier today. It was working fine yesterday.
I did have the computer on earlier and it turned off while it was asleep, which may have caused it though I didn't think much of it.

I have tried:
-Used DDU to totally delete and reinstall my GPU Driver.
-used the command shell to check windows files, no problems were found
-Reset my CMOS on my motherboard

None of these weilded any result.

I'm using MSI Afterbburner as well as HWiNFO to monitor this. My GPU Temperature is fluctuating, though its staying super low (35-50 degrees C), regardless of GPU usage.

Yesterday when I was running Borderlands 3 GPU clock was around 1850 MHz and GPU memory was ~8000 MHz, temp was staying around 70.