Question GPU clock speed dropping for no reason, bad performance

Feb 19, 2021
Hi everyone
I went on vacation for about a month and since I came back my PC has been performing like crap.
Eventually I figured out that the clock speed of my gpu keeps dropping in game, but I have no idea why.
GPU temps are very low, cpu temps are fine, cpu clocks are fine, my PSU is a Corsair TX650M Gold with an R5 1600 and GTX 1070Ti
My drivers are up to date and I haven't done anything in MSI afterburner or any other OC program.
To fix it I've installed the latest driver after DDU, didn't work. Installed an older driver which I know for sure worked fine and reinstalled the latest version of MSI afterburner, didn't work. None of my BIOS settings seem to have any effect either (don't know why they would, they've been working fine for over a year).
Sometimes my PC does run games fine, until it decides not to for no reason.
I'm completely lost on what to do or what the cause could be.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Edit: my gpu temps are under 65 all the time, when it is working properly, and under 55 when downclocked.
The cpu is always under 65
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