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Question GPU clocks every 1:10 Minute to max Clock Speed in Idle

Jun 25, 2020
Hi i may have a Problem

My GPU clocks to max Clock Speed every Minute and Ten Seconds in Idle Mode i have watched this now for around 30 Minutes and there is no Exception every 1:10 boom Clock goes up and goes down Instantly

I have closed every Program all that is running is MSI-Afterburner wich i use for CPU and GPU Clock/Temp/FPS Display in Games

Befor i posted this Message i have installed the latest GPU Driver and the latest Afterburner Beta both didnt change anything

I also tryed to change all Settings in Nvidia control Panel like Power Management no Change

My Card is a MSI GTX-1070-TI-Gaming its oced by default and i have not changed anything exept using a custom Fan curve via Afterburner

My System is Win7-64bit a I74770k 16 Gigs DDR3 the GTX 1070TI a Bequiet 750W Power Supply 2 HDDS 1 SSD all conected to an ASUS BOARD

I have 4 Programs running in the Background thats Afterburner Logitech Gaming Software Malwarebytes (Standart no Premium no Realtime Scans) and Zone Alarm

Im a Hardcore Gamer and have the latest Games you can think of they are running well some of them better then you would expect on such old Hardware for Example Divisio2 or BF5 run maxed out fine most of the Time with 60 FPS

But still this strange Behavior makes me Wonder whats going on with my PC maybe this is something that can hurt the Hardware over Time or it Nothing i guess you Guys no that better then me thats why im here

Sadly i can not say since when this is happening i just spotted it Today last Things i installed on my PC are just Games and new Firefox Versions and yeah the Updates for both Zone Alarm and Malwarebytes ah and ofc GPU Drivers now and then

Ik there are Threads with similar Questions but i think this one here is diffrent i also tryed everything from these Threads with no Change

At last pls forgive me my bad English and Grammar and thx in advance for your Help