Question GPU Coil whine increases and decreases according to what it does in the game

Jan 8, 2021
Hello, first of all, thank you

It's my first time having coil whine on a GPU, it's the Gigabyte RTX 3070 Eagle OC.

I know that it is not harmful to the GPU and that its only drawback is the noise it causes.

I swapped my PSU for a Corsair RM850X thinking it would fix it but it didn't, so I've learned to live with it, but still the coil whine goes up or down depending on what I do in game regardless of fps .

From what I have read, some people say that it has nothing to do with the FPS or the load but with what parts of the GPU are being used ... Others say that the more FPS you have the more coil whine you will hear.

What happens to me is the following:
If I activate Vsync (60Hz monitor) the coil whine disappears, or at least I can't hear it.

Today I was playing rust without vsync and if I look up at the sky the fps go up to approx 240 and I hardly hear coil whine.

Then if I look at the ground, the FPS is about 220 and I hear more coil whine than when I looked at the sky despite having less FPS, if while I look at the ground I crouch I hear how the coil whine makes a higher sound.

If I look straight ahead, the FPS are around 120 - 140 approx and I hear coil whine, if I turn the camera I hear how the sounds change, like interference.

Is it normal to hear coil whine looking straight ahead at 140fps and not hearing it looking at the sky at 240fps?

Thanks for reading and helping me
That´s normal. Coil whine depends on FPS and other circumstances like how much the GPU is working under load. You can try to lock the framerate to different FPS like 60, 80, 100, 120 fps and have a look if the coil whine is gone or not as loud as without the lock.

Also you can RMA it and hope that a different card will not be that loud, but it could get worse with a different card as well.