[SOLVED] GPU comparison question

The chips inside are both the same and both made by Nvidia. The only difference between the cards is cooling. Both of the cards will keep the GPU cool, but the Zotac is a mini card and will have smaller fans. That means the fans will have to run harder to keep the GPU cool, which means it will be a little louder.

As for performance, they will be the same.
Core Clock1582 MHz1518 MHz
Boost Clock1771 MHz1708 MHz
CUDA Cores19201920
Effective Clock Speed8 GHz8 GHz
Width4.15 cmN/A
Depth24 cm21 cm
Height12.9 cm12.2cm
InterfaceDVI-D (dual link) ¦ 2 x HDMI ¦ 2 x DisplayPortDVI-I (dual link) ¦ 3 x DisplayPort ¦ HDMI

Main differences are a slight clock speed difference, the size, and the interfaces available.
The clock speed will likely be negligble.
The Zotac is smaller, has less HDMI, but more DP ports.
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