[SOLVED] GPU cooler going crazy with no reason

Sep 30, 2020

This is my first post so pls. correct me if I posted in the wrong section :). That being said... I have an RTX 2080 TI (windforce). Everything works more or less ok. I have a problem at ~81 celsius -> coolers go from 0 to hero despite my aorus engine settings. Below is a print of the aorus engine (as you can see I even tried to underclock it because I thought it may get too hot but that doesn't seem to be the issue since temperature never went above 82 degrees).


As you can see the percentages are fine, the coolers were at 73-75%, then temperature went up with 1 celsius and they went up to 79% speed. The problem is that the actual RPM of the coolers went from 2088 to almost 4000. That is significantly more than a 4% (if 73% is ~2100 RPM, 100% should be ~2900, so the total should've increase by ~115 RPM, not 2k; if 4000 RPM is actually 79%, then... the 73% = 2088 is false; in any case there is a discrepancy between percentage of cooler speed and RPM).

At 4000 RPM is like I have a vacuum next to my ears, is horrible, and I wouldn't mind if it should've actually hit that (it should eventually get to that speed if temperature grows but not without a significant temperature growth - at least 3 degrees according to my settings). What I basically need is a soother transition (because I'm pretty sure I don't stress the card enough to need this jump). Is there any setting that overrides that setting on the right? What am I doing wrong here? Shouldn't fan speed percent translate in RPM resulting in a linear RPM raise?

Thank you for your time,
use ddu uninstaller to remove GPU drivers and reinstall the latest from nvidia.com

uninstall any other tools like afterburner, aorus,...