Question Gpu cooling need advice!

Apr 13, 2019
I have recently been having problems with my gpu and it fitting loosely into the connector on the motherboard but ive figured that out. It still wasnt working good because when ever I would boot up the computer sometimes the signal from the gpu to the monitor wouldnt register and someone suggested cleaning it so I did. Now after cleaning my fan on my gpu isnt spinning but it was before. I did tinker with the fan connection on the gpu so i could seperate the top from the bottom but ended up not being able to im not sure if that would have messed with the ability of the fan coolng the gpu but it was spinning just fine before the cleaning. I have been getting blue screens and my recent one i figured was because my gpu came loose again but i touched it and it was really hot. The fan wasnt working either Ideas as to what I should do?
I think you haven't noticed that the GPU doesn't spin when cool and spins when it is warm
The only way we can tell this, is if you list the GPU you have.
I don't think like helpstar above, that you dismantled the entire GPU, just cleaned it with a brush or something, unless I am wrong.

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