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Question GPU Cooling


Jan 10, 2013
Hi there...

About a year and a half ago, I bought a pre-assembled PC and am now having some cooling issues with the GPU that seem to have grown over time. These days, unless I take the front panel off of my Phanteks P400 case, I'm getting top temps of 82 to 83 C under load. Without the front panel, I get top temps of 70 C.
I get these temps even running MSI afterburner with the fan setting at 100 percent (I don't overclock). If I leave the front panel on and the temps get into the 80s, the GPU fans seem to kick into a higher gear for a short period of time...running faster than I'm able to make them via manual settings.

The temp limit for my Gigabyte 2080 is 88 C. So, I'm getting close. Wondering what I should do...Move two of the four front fans to the top vent? And, if I do that, should I use them as exhaust or intake?

I am competent to install components, but I'm no expert.

Everything is kept very clean.

Thanks for your help!

  • Intel Core i7 9700K 3.60GHz 8 Cores - Liquid Cooled
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz Memory
  • 3TB HDD & 960GB SSD
  • Motherboard ASRock Z390 Pro 4
  • Phanteks P400 case with Four fans up front sandwiching the radiator and one exhaust fan in the back.


Phanteks P400 case with Four fans up front sandwiching the radiator
That's why this is happening: Already weak front airflow case made even weaker by adding another obstacle behind it.

The more obstacles present for air to go around, or pass through, the weaker it is when, or IF, it get to the components that need it. The obstacles:
-The P400's front panel
-The radiator mounted behind front panel
-The air has to turn upon being pulled in
-The psu shroud
-The psu cables beneath the shroud

Your 2080 only really has the rear of the case to get fresh air from. Unfortunately, the P400 does not support mounting radiators up top at all.
What will you do?

you should setup your chassis fans & radiator differently to get the best airflow for cooling both CPU & GPU.

try placing your radiator in the top with a pair of fans pushing air out through it. and leave the top dust filter off so as not to restrict the air blowing out.
place two(or three if available) more fans in the front pulling air into the case.
and have one rear fan blowing air out of the case.
also make sure your PSU is pulling air into itself from underneath, not from the case interior.

if after the rearranging your GPU remains at these extra high temps, i would guess there is a problem with it's fans or with the unit itself.
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