[SOLVED] GPU core and memory clock are stuck at highest frequency ?

Nov 16, 2021
Asus tuf dash f15 FX516PR laptop
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070
Intel iris Xe Graphics
Intel core i7-11370H

My GPU core clock stuck at 1290Mhz and GPU memory clock stuck at 6001Mhz on idle and playing games and I can hear some buzzing sounds I think it's actually coil whine which I got after suddenly this GPU clock stuck happened and funny thing is GPU Utilization is 0%.

And actually in MSI afterburner my GPU clock float between 450 to 1290 and temperature from 0 to 50 and memory clock always on 6000Mhz

  • Nvidia control panel power management mode on "normal"
  • latest Nvidia driver
  • latest intel driver
  • no overclocking
  • latest bios version
  • windows 10 clean install(deleted all partitions)
  • install Nvidia driver using DDU and NvCleanInstall
  • no malware
  • used driver easy for scan driver updates
  • Nvidia driver roll backed

None of them fixed the problem.