Question GPU - Core clock and Memory clock spikes on second dedicated GPU


Mar 3, 2013
I bought RTX 2070 Super GPU. I placed it into "main" PCI-E slot where previously had GTX 1660 Super. I did that due to cable management and space issues. My idea is that I would be using 2070S for mining meanwhile I would be using 1660S for gaming, movies, browsing etc. and during the night for example I would use both for mining. So I connected my monitors to 1660S and everything works fine.

I have MSI Afterburner opened more now then I used to and I see that 1660S is getting spikes from 300 Core and Memory clock on idle to 1900/7000 while scrolling or even opening folders on desktop. I got curious and pluged my monitors into 2070S. This one on idle is at 1200/7000 on idle, way more then 1660S and when I do all of previous stated actions it doesn't get any spikes.

Are this spikes normal and safe? I am afraid that this could hurt GPU and also curious why such a difference? Could it be because 1660S is inserted into second PCI-E?


You should work with one discrete GPU, ideally. if you want to mine, you should build a dedicated system for that if you don't want to ruin everything in the main system.

That being said, uninstall your GPU drivers using DDU, power down, remove the GPU you want to mine with and then reinstall your GPU drivers with the latest found off of Nvidia's support site in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.