Gpu/cpu is not using its full potential

Nov 3, 2018
So I have got an old Dell t5500 workstation and I've built in some new parts like the Xeon x5670 and a gainward gtx 1070.

I tried playing Bf1 on ultra settings and the fps mark was between 60 and 80 but still felt a bit choppy on a 64p server but the system seems not to get to its full performance while my cpu ran at max 60% according to XTU and the 6 cores were between 50 to 90 percent at 80°C. My gpu monitored with msi afterburner is used at about 70 to 80 percent running at 75°C

So why does my hardware not use its full potential but giving me just 60 fps? (Vsync is off, there is no thermal throtting and its not limited ingame)

I've also noticed that when i put the quality down a bit my fps doesn't seem to get higher so it's always about 70 fps with low up to ultra settings.

I know its an old system but it performs very well in other games and i'm actually happy with it.
But I hope you guys can help me finding this performance issue. I think it actually could perform better.

So what could it be bottlenecking my system?

My hardware is a t5500 system and not overclocked:
W10 64Bit installed since 1 week
cpu: xeon x5670
gpu: gtx 1070
Mobo: 0CRH6C
PSU: about 875W
RAM: 24GB triple channel
SSD: 512GB
Omen 144Hz Monitor

Thank you for all the answers,

8 Year old CPU that only does 3.3Ghz...
No matter how well a game scales,and BF does scale well,you still need decent single thread performance to get high FPS.
Actually turning your monitor down to 60Hz and using vsync or better yet fastsync might help make it smoother.
Nov 3, 2018

But why is single core performance that important?