Question Gpu crash and system never boots

Oct 18, 2020
So I got my new build a couple of weeks back
specs are as follow

Ryzen 9 390
16GB x2 3600mhz Ram
10TB WD Ultrastar
1TB Kingstone NVM
cooler master 750w PSU
Inno3D 3080 x4 iChill
MSI X570 tomahawk wifi

I started facing this issue where my GPU would crash( screen goes totally black) then I have to force reboot my system from the power button
and as soon as I reboot my system won't even get to bios and it gives me no output from the GPU for a day
and suddenly it starts working again if I check after 24-30 hours but then again as soon as I put some stress on my system, everything starts happening again
I've tried changing the ram but the problem still remains the same
tried using 2 8-pin wires to power the GPU(as recommended by the support team of inno3D), nothing change
what could be the problem? is it the GPU itself or could it be the power supply
or could it be the motherboard?? is there a way to confirm what's causing the issue
I would really appreciate some help here