[SOLVED] GPU crash, is it driver or hardware failure? Should I buy a new one?

Sep 6, 2021
Recently my GPU crashed while playing games and sometimes when watching videos on youtube. The crash I had was a freeze and my screen turned into a red chessboard before the display went off and then back on. The same problem will reappear a few moments later.
The GPU I have is Sapphire RX 550 2GB.
The thing I noticed just before the issue appeared was that the GPU clock suddenly went up to its default clock (1206 MHz) and then crashed. Here is the picture

I tried benchmarking with Unigine Heaven and my GPU is running at the default clock speed, no problem
The temperature is normal, I've changed the thermal paste too.

What I've tried:

Lowering the clock speed gradually from 1100 MHz to 900 MHz, the same problem still arises. When I lower the clock speed at 1100 MHz and 1000 MHz, my GPU crashes at those speeds.

Lower the power limit to limit clock speed

Lower memory clock

Update AMD drivers to the latest, to roll back to the December 2020 version.

Is this a driver or hardware problem? Do I have to buy a new GPU?
For now, I can't install my GPU on other PCs because of the corona, lockdown.
Thank you
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