Jan 27, 2022
About 2 hours ago I experienced what I found out to be a "GPU Crash". Both my screens went black and the fans on the GPU started going at full speed, had no way to recover other than to restart the machine. 20 minutes after restarting the GPU Crashes again, both screens black and fans going full speed. So far I have tried reinstalling the drivers and just that, the GPU is NOT overclocked and is NOT overheating, in any game I play the temps sit comfortably at 60C for both the CPU and GPU. I am scared to launch a game incase this happens again and leaves permanent damage, any suggestions?
Specs: Ryzen 9 3900X, 32GB 3200Mhz DDR4, Tomahawk B450 Max, RTX 2080 Super. NVidia driver version 511.23
Edit: The GPU Crash first appeared during PUBG Gameplay and both the crashes were related to PUBG running on my pc.