Question GPU crashes and causes artifacts when playing games (also on idle)

Nov 16, 2020
It could also be the PSU.
Full specs
GPU - Zotac 1060 3gb mini
PSU - silverstone st50f-es230
RAM - 8gb x 2 TEAM ELITE 2400mhz
Started happening 1 month ago, while playing genshin impact at night, pc crashes, white screen, when i restart artifacts occur, pink pixels, blue, green etc flashing on screen. I let it rest for 15 minutes then turn it on again, its gone.
1 week later it happened again, I noticed a pattern, it only occurs when I play at night (I'm basically on my pc the whole day since I also have online class).
I suspect its overheating. I checked gpu temps, highest was 61-65 c. But then
I tried turning it on during morning, pc on, 30 mins later while browsing google artifacts showed up then crashes.
I removed my 1060 from the pc, basically only using the intel cpu graphics, no problem at all, pc left for a whole day, straight for 1 week, didn't cause artifacts w/out the gpu.
Ordered thermal paste online, re applied thermal paste. GPU temps went from 50 c idle to 40 c. Tried playing a game (genshin impact) 30 seconds later pc crashes, black screen. I'm really out of options here.
Things I tried doing :
Reseating video card
Reapplying thermal paste
updating mobo
underclocking thru msi burner (this let me played the game for 15 minutes before it crashed again)
Also this happens on other games, like apex legends.
I'm suspecting PSU, since gpu is not overheating at all, but the damage could also be done.
GPU is out of warranty, it's been 4 years since I bought the card. Also the PSU too.
I also don't have any multimeter stuff that can test my psu voltage sorry for that.
Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading all the way through.