Question GPU crashes randomly with LiveKernelEvent 141 in Reliability Monitor


Jan 4, 2014

So. My problem is quite hard to explain, because it does not seem to follow a pattern of any sorts.
I switched from a 2070 SUPER to a 3070 Vision in December. I experienced a lot of crashes and then by chance I stumbled upon a Jayz2Cents video, explaining that bigger GPU should always use 2 seperate PCIe power cords instead of the daisy chained ones. Before that I switched my PSU and now I'm using a 750W bequiet Straight Power Gold and it seemed to work fine for a few days.

Then out of nowhere while just watching some YouTube, basically idling my PC, my monitors both disconnected, stayed black for about 10sec and reconnected. This now happens every now and then, but with absolutely no reasonably sensible pattern to make anything of it. Unfortunately I cant get my hands on another GPU to test if this one is busted, or send it back if it came to it.

This has never happened while under load. My games crashed when the GPU was OCed, but even that is reverted now and it is still doing it. That is the only "pattern" I can find. If my monitors get disconnected, they do it if I'm pretty much idling my GPU.
Right before writing this thread I played 2 hrs of Apex legends, had zero issues. I close the game, watch 10mins of YT and boom. Crash. Other days I watch YouTube for hours, have nothing running in the background and nothing happens. And most of the time it only happens once a day. I never had it happen 2 or more times in one day.

My Reliability Monitor tells me its a LiveKernelEvent 141, but searching for that particular issue I didnt find anything useful. I have absolutely NO option to test this. This has NEVER happened with my old GPU. So I'm 99% sure it is the GPU making issues, or the PSU. But neither of those options make any sense, since I cant replicate the issue. I even tested having my whole system on 100% load with several benchmarks and games on highest settings.

Im kind of out of ideas. I installed the GPU drivers several times (ofc using DDU before) and it didnt fix the issue so far. And I'm not that tech savvy to know what information might be helpful to narrow down the root if the problem.
One thing I will try is using a different power socket in my appartment. I had an issue with my Power Lan, which had similar things happen. It would never crash when my PC was under load but in idle the internet connection would crash randomly.

I will update this thread if I get the issue again, even with the other socket. But not having the issue again in a few days doesnt mean its gone. In January I had gone like 2 weeks without any problem and thought I fixed it finally.

Maybe some of you got a good idea for me.
Have a good one bois!

Feb 22, 2021
Having this issue as well with a 1070 I upgraded to. Started having the issue like 3 weeks ago after upgrading some other PC part surprisingly.