Question GPU crashes the entire system

Feb 27, 2021
Hello people

Recently I've built my first system ever and got it to work and since I was tight on funds I used the GTX 1050 TI from my previous computer, planning to upgrade it later.
My full specs are:
Case NZXT H510 Eltie
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Motherboard Asus TUF x570-plus
PSU Corsair RM650
CPU AIO Kraken x6300
RAM Corsair DDR 4 2x16 GB 3600

Since the start I've had a problem where the PC would randomly turn off, the fans would turn off, screen is black and my LEDs are also black and the power button is on but nothing is working and the only way I get my PC to boot again is when I turn rip out the cable to the socket or turn off the PSU and turn it on again.
The problem has gone worse lately and sometimes turns off multiple times during boot up. The only thing that came to my mind was a GPU problem, now I know my CPU is probably bottlenecked but I know it can't bring an entire system to crash.
When I tried to launch games like Apex and Witcher 3 it almost instantly crashed, so I downloaded heaven benchmark to test and voilà my pc crashed in 0.5 seconds with the same symptoms as usual. So I took out the GPU and saw that it didn't crash at all, put it back in again and it crashed. I'm sure it's the GPU but I don't know if those are drivers incompatibility between components or a faulty GPU or PSU.
Currently I just need a temporary solution, right now I'm writing this from my PC and I will run the heaven benchmark again after I'm done I still don't understand the pattern of when and how it crashes the only things I know are
It happens out of nowhere,
It happens during GPU intense games or when it's set under more workload (while it was also running at 99% and it didn't crash),
It can also occur randomly while being on the Internet

If somebody has a solution for this I greatly appreciate it and thanks in advance.
Feb 27, 2021
Also I wanted to add although the GPU fans aren't spinning or barely are the temps are alright and I have the card for around 2-3 years.
And yes the Heaven benchmark crashed it again.