May 6, 2021
Hi. I got a msi 6800 xt gaming x trio. Yesterday i do my routine 6 month full rig cleanup (re apply all thermal paste and dust cleaning because my house have a lot of dust even my air conditioner need to be clean 3 monthly) so when i put it all together my pc boots up but when loading windows it kinda crash and blue screen (windows encoutered a problem something like that so i chose the option of troubleshooting and diagnostic.. after a few failed attemp of windows diagnostic (restarted my pc a few times) i thought that it might be my windows got corrupted and restart the pc and go into the bios almost immediately my bios froze and there's like a screen tearing and a bit of like few rectangular colours green, purple and red (like when playing a broken DVD) near the tearing and my pc shuts down.. after that my pc wont boot up.. the ez debug led light up at boot at first then after i clear cmos it lights up at vga. I tried the gpu on a diffrent pc and still doesn't have any display.. is my gpu dies because i repaste it? Im using thermal grizzly kryonaut thermal paste and thermalright odyssey extreme thermal pad.. can someone here help me try to somehow fix it..