Question GPU driver crashing when I Alt-Tab in League of Legends ?

Aug 14, 2022
So recently i've bought a RX 6700 XT, everything its alright with it but when i Alt-Tab in League of legends the game crashes, i mean i can alt tab like 5-6 times but when i alt tab the 10th time for exemple the game crashes and i have to restart the PC. The thing is that when this happens the screen goes black but i can still hear the game. I tried to play on Borderless and Fullscreen but neither of them fixed the problem,

Last time it happened i got a error saying "amd crash defender has detected and successfully recovered from a potential system crash "

If someone knows a fix please tell me... its really frustrating

PSU: 650W
CPU: i7-8700 CPU
RAM: 16GB 3200MHz
GPU: RX 6700 XT
OS: Windows 11