Dec 27, 2016
Hi guys, sorry if its a bit longer than usual, i tried to gather as much info as possible that you could use and sort it best i can before posting.
Since yesterday my pc began having this weird problem. Whenever I put load on my GPU my screen goes blank (either black or a weird green/blue shade). All the programs seem to keep working but im stuck like this until i hard reboot my pc.

To narrow down the causes here's what information i've gathered:
-Doesnt happen always, more like every 2-5 games of league
-Also happens when i run Bluestacks to emulate a not so demanding android game
-GPU temp is more than healthy. 70celcius under load max and to make sure i used afterburner to turn up the fan speed just in case
-While background apps are working it seems like the pc recieves no user input, aka. alt-f4, alt-tab, ctrl-alt-delete or even power button.
-I ran an OCCT stress-test on my gpu and it seemed fine with healthy temps and no crashes.
-My CPU seems hot. 40 idle but goes up to mid 90s under heavier load. I think that's not where the problem lies though. If the cpu was failing wouldn't the background programs stop responding aswell?
-My PSU is not the issue, that's for sure.
-I haven't done any changes to GPU settings/drivers recently
-I don't mess with overclocking

I had the idea to check windows event viewer, suspecting driver failure and i found the following warnings that seem to line up with the moment where my screen went blank:
1- View: https://imgur.com/a/vvYgv26

2- View: https://imgur.com/a/vFebLE6

3- View: https://imgur.com/a/NKet7n7

#1 repeats 5 times during this period and i am confused what it is about
#2 and #3 seem self explanatory but i don't know what's the cause behind them.

My config:
PSU: Corsair VS550
MOBO: Dell (idk the model, its an old generic one)
CPU: Intel Core i5 2400

The first thing that comes to mind is to reinstall nVidia drivers. I'm just afraid to do it right now because i've had failing gpus in the past that took the final blow from attempting driver reinstall.
Best case scenario it's just a driver that broke or something. That i can deal with, i just dont want to risk with a reinstall yet.Any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!