Question GPU error 43 out of the Blue. Need help urgently...

Feb 26, 2020
Hey Guys,

So yesterday I was working inside of unreal engine and everything was going well until the PC suddenly froze and visual pixel tearing appeared. It wasnt as extreme but you could see pixels were offset. The PC reset itself and I find out that the GPU has stopped working (a water cooled 2080ti). I removed the Drivers in DDU as drivers are usually the main suspect but that didnt help, the problem still persisted. Then I opened the PC and removed the GPU and plugged it into another PCI slot. Didnt help. After that I updated windows as well as the Bios but no luck there as well. It happened out of the blue. Now when I install the latest drivers and reboot the PC you can see pixel tearing before it goes into the welcome screen where the graphics switches to the on board GPU and throws an GPU 43 error on the rtx 2080ti. I am completely lost as I cannot find the problem. I am not sure how the GPU all of a sudden crashed and I can find no way to fix the error. Any help would be appreciated as I cannot RMA the card anymore. My fingers are crossed its not a hardware defect so if anyone has managed to fix something like this, please do help me out.

Intel i9-7940x cpu @3.10 GHz
32 gigabites of RAM

All I know is that the PC recognizes the card so I am not sure.

Before that sometimes I had encountered issues where the screen would just lose signal and the only solution was to reset via button but I credited that issue to maybe bad GPU temps as I had to little cooler liquid for a while to circle around but it never got close to dangerous temps.