[SOLVED] GPU experiencing frame drops

Jan 14, 2019
So, I wonldn't be bothering you guys with this if I hadn't tried every option I could think of. But my gpu (GTX 1080 MSI) has been giving me severe frame drops (e.g. 40 fps in fortnite, 50 in GTA V etc.) I have tried every driver available on nvidias site (with and without GeForce experience), I have turned off the Xbox game tracker or whatever it is, tried enabling and disabling fast boot, enabled and disabled superfetch, overclocked my cpu, checked temps (always below 60 for gpu and 70 for cpu), force disabled cortana by renaming it's file to .old, updated bios and every driver for my mobo, basically everything but reinstalled windows.

My specs are:
Asus z170 pro gaming
Gtx 1080 MSI
i7 6700k @4.6GHz, 1.35v (107% Bench, 98th percentile (Better bench than some 8700ks)
Corsair H115i
64Gb ram (Gskill Ripjaws 3200MHz (quad channel))
2tb Toshiba HDD

And this is where it gets interesting. The gpu was running ok untill August 2018 and then the performance dropped. As I didn't have nearly as much experience when I got this pc as I do now, it was a prebuild. It had a 550w bronze certified LC power psu. I now switched to EVGA p2 1000w (Platinum rated) but the problem is still there. I also have a weird ssd from samsung (I have no idea what it is but here is the code: Samsung MZ7TY256HDHP-00000 256GB) SO. Userbenchmark says my gpu is performing below expectations (39th percentile) and my ssd is performing WAY below expectations (16th percentile). And the load times are awful for an ssd. I tried disabling vsync but the benchmark didn't change. What is the verdict? Did my PSU damage my GPU and ssd? What to do to get the GPU usage to 100% again? (Not a cpu bottleneck). How to stop the awful frame dips? I really don't want to reinstall windows. Please help guys...


check the SSD with Samsung magician, eventually update its firmware with it

reset the BIOS by jumper, be sure the RAM is set to 2133MHz

check the RAM with a memory test tool

check the HDD with crystaldisk info

use ddu uninstaller and reinstall the nvidia driver from nvidia.com

run 3dmark basic edition , click on compare result online after that and post the address from your upcoming browser