Question GPU failing to display video output ONCE EVER OTHER DAY, forced to use iGPU instead.

Feb 13, 2019
The build is as stated:
AMD Radeon HD 5450
AMD Athlon 7750 BE
Asus mobo M2N-VM-HDMI
also, irrelevant, but my headset is Hama uRage.
this problem has appeared a year ago. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This started with a series of power outages (16 t.b.e) in a matter of 3 minutes. My surge protector on my TV broke because of this and my current one for the PC has been damaged as well.

The issue resolved itself a few months ago
for some very extraordinary reason (I did nothing to fix it that day).
But today 10 power outages happened within like 30 seconds, which is outrageous. My surge protector was dead. Everything else was fine tho
Basically, this is the issue:
Sometimes, the GPU will run normally and I'll have no problems to boot. But the following day, the GPU fails to boot and I am forced to use the iGPU.

Things I've tried:
-holding power button down for 2 minutes
-cleaning the ENTIRE rig, i went as far as to disassemble it in my quest to vanquish every speck of dust to be found on my precious computer
-did the steps on the pinned thread by shortstuff_mt, did work ONCE and never again.
-removed card and substituted it with a Nvidia Quadro K600. I don't have a D-Sub-capable monitor, so I can't use the Quadro at all.
-removed all peripheral devices and attempted boot, didn't work
I'm seriously pissed today, this problem bugged me for 6 months straight, then stopped, and now it's back. I'm furious.

Please help. Thank you in advance.